We work with small and large clients from industry leaders to the arts and humanities.
Our work encompasses strategic planning, project management, UX design, graphic design, software engineering and quality assurance.

E-Mail & News

As one of Switzerland’s largest email providers, Swisscom wished to extend the reach of their Bluewin news app through the integration of an email client.
We took up the challenge, architecting, designing, implementing and delivering iOS and Android apps in 8 short months.
We’re particularly proud of the bespoke, layered email stack we built. It uses a custom syncing engine that we developed in order to enable offline use. Over 1,000 unit tests made sure the whole system was rock solid.

AR Exhibition

European Design Awards 2019

  • Gold «Mobile Apps»

Best of Swiss Apps 2018

  • Gold «Design»
  • Bronze «UX and Usability»
  • Bronze «Campaigns»

Our app for the 10th Weltformat festival in Luzern provided a platform for bringing the exhibition to life through visual and aural augmentation.
Image recognition and augmented reality equipped the exhibition’s designers to explore new forms of expression, combining physical media with virtual elements revealed to the visitor through the iPhone app.
Exhibition information, maps and audio overlays, combined with an uncompromising user interface design, completed the visitor experience at the festival.

Loyalty Program

Coop’s Supercard app is the digital entry point into the loyalty program for Switzerland’s second-largest supermarket chain.
We improved the existing Supercard and Coop apps to allow the customer to manage their Superpoints and gift cards on their Apple and Android phones.

Transport Planning

The Institute for Transport and Planning at Zürich’s world-renowned ETH is studying individual mobility behavior, researching where people go and how they get there.
We developed apps for iOS and Android that track the location and transportation methods of voluntarily-enrolled students worldwide and report the data back to the ETH for analysis.
Confidentiality and efficient battery, CPU and network usage were critical to delivering a solution adopted by students as a long-term companion to their daily lives.

Public Transport

App Quest

  • Grand Prize «Best Consumer App»
  • Best in Class «Way-finding App»
  • Best in Class «Data Visualization»

Available for New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area, Departures uses augmented reality to provide public transportation passengers with timetable and network information.
The iPhone app’s innovative presentation and integration with public transit authorities earned Departures international recognition along with awards from the Metropolitan and Santa Clara Valley transportation authorities.


ieffects provides tiered mobile commerce platforms for wholesale and retail, with customers such as LeShop.ch, Gunterswiler, Winterhalter + Fenner, GZT, Suhner and Sonepar in a diverse range of markets.
As ieffects’ UX partner, we established the information architecture and interaction design for both their standard and bespoke solutions, achieving a quality of user experience that has led to a significant increase in e-commerce revenue for their customers.